Leader arrowhead not saving to pdf

I can’t get the arrowheads to show up when saving to pdf. I have tried all settings under the Linetypes and Linewidths and Visibility Tab in the save dialog - with no luck…


Which PDF writer are you using?
Could you post an example that is not working?

Hi Ryan- that works here using the Foxit pdf driver - as Wim asks - what pdf driver are you printing to?


Thanks wim,

I hope I’m posting this topic in the correct category - this is for RH6 WIP. I’m saving the file directly to pdf, there is no third-party pdf writer - it seems like the pdf save functionality is built in. I’ve attached a design and the corresponding pdf file.leader arrows.3dm (117.5 KB)
leader arrows.pdf (97.2 KB)

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Thanks pascal, the Foxit pdf driver is working for me. I will use that in future.

Many thanks to both of you.

Hi Ryan - report V6/WIP problems/questions/complaints to the ‘Serengeti’ forum here-