Layouts with rhinoscriptsyntax on mac

Hi there
I am trying to produce multiple layouts with rhinoscriptsyntax on Rhino for mac

I’m struggling to get it to work and when i run the RSS example it causes Rhino to crash


Is this possible or does it only work on windows?


Hello - thanks, I’ll take a look.
@hcjohnston01 can you please post the py file you are testing? Is it just that little bit that is in your image? As far as I can tell that works.

Hi Pascal

Thanks for looking at it. (196 Bytes)
If I run the attached script in the modelling screen of a new Rhino file, it completes and returns ‘running’ as it should.
When I open Layouts the created layout is the wrong dimensions (215.9mm x 279.4mm) and is called ‘Viewport’ rather than ‘layout1’.

I assume this has something to do with layout properties?

If I run the same script with Layouts open then rhino crashes


Hi Harry - I did see the incorrect naming - I’ll test with Layouts open - thanks for that detail.