Layouts to PDF in Rhino for Mac

Hi, when saving layouts to PDF I am losing elements of the title block (imported as DWG. from Ai). Vitally nearly all of the text (Helvetica and Helvetica Neue).

Recreating the title block in Rhino is not an option sadly.

I have also tried exporting the make2D elements of the model to Ai at scale to lay them out it Ai as a workaround but come up against the issue of no vectors being shown from the import in Ai.

As you can imagine this renders the function of rhino limited as though I can model what I need I cannot complete drawings and export them in any usable format (PDF)… HELP pls.

Hi -

Could you please post a file that allows us to check this behavior?

Example Doc.3dm (3.3 MB)
Example Doc…pdf (58.4 KB)

Example Rhino Doc and the resulting PDF.


I see that here, screenshot attached. If you have vector selected your text disappears, select raster its ok. You are exporting yes ? If you Print (command+p), then save PDF its ok with vector here :+1:

It prints fine on mine.
I suspect that your problem is missing fonts on your system. Your text is in helvetica (which prints) and Century Schoolbook (that does not).

I do not believe Century Schoolbook comes with a make. It is installed if you have Word (as I do).

This suggests the solution is to install Century Schoolbook on your computer.

It appears that the Century Schoolbook is converted in Rhino but not in print.

What I get when I explode the block: