Layouts - pdf sheet order BUG


Rearranging the sheets in the layout panel does not work when exporting to pdf.
The sheets will come out in the original wrong order.

I can confirm this behavior. This is fixed when quitting rhino and restarting it, but it’s a bit annoying.

@solarius @mortenengel I tried to repeat this issue, but couldn’t. Can you provide your _SystemInfo and a sample file that shows this behavior? Confidential files can be uploaded here

A bit of detail on how to repeat the bug : I created a new blank file with 3 layout, each one containing a hatch of a different color, exported the control pdf (which display the red hatch, then the blue one, then the green one)

Then I switched page 2 and 3 and exported again : the obtained pdf is identical as the first one.
Closing and opening the file again resolve the thing and make the exported pdf as expected.

System info and file :
system-info.txt (5.3 KB)
test-reorder.3dm (2.7 MB)

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This has still not been fixed :frowning:

Hi -
On macOS, the entire print code was rewritten for Rhino 8 and this issue seems to be resolved there.