Layouts in 6

Are there issues already being tracked for layouts? I’m sorry if there’s an open thread I’m missing. Seems like nothing I want to do works so I’ll try to share a couple observations:

1 Printdisplay won’t work from inside layouts, so when I double click into a layout it reverts to model colors
2 Vector prints don’t seem to respect the Z order from the viewport that I’ve set up using bringtofront/sendtoback. I can’t figure out if this is because I’ve set a Z-order which is printed but not previewed or what but they should match. E.g., if I bring-to-front a hatch it can sit in front of a polysurface but I can’t control polysurfaces z order. Sometimes this doesn’t show in viewport (example below)
3 Vector print line quality seems lower than RH5

Displayed in viewport

As printed

I’d like to add a Layouts wish, unless there is already a way to do this which I haven’t discovered.

With Universal C-Planes, I can quickly set a custom C-Plane for all my model viewports, but when I switch to layout view all my layout viewports are in world C-Planes. The only way I have found to reproduce the model views is to create Named Views (or Named C-Planes), using the custom C-Plane, for each viewport I want, and then set the layout views with Named Views.

That works, but it is a bit tedious. It would be nice if the layout viewports adopted the current view settings in the model, so that a layout viewport set to “Top” would show the same view as the model viewport labeled “Top”, unless I over-rode it by resetting it to “World Top”.

I guess I want to extend Universal C-Planes to include Layout views.