Layouts - help. reference possible?

Hi is there a way to reference/link LAYOUTs in a file?

I’ve had to break my file into multiple files with multiple layout tabs, but NOW i want to try to reference these files as a whole. I can’t seem to get the layouts with the inserts? But if I go an try to just create a new master file with just my layouts and reference the geometry in… I think im going to get a HUGE FILE which is why i avoided this in the first place… any thoughts?

Without actual files infront of me I can only say - split master file and create layouts in those separate files. No need for any reference nonsense.

We sometimes do it to keep elevation/plans layouts separate from details/sections layouts.

Then just print separately and combine with any PDF software.

This is what i do as well, similar to a large autocad project.

xref-files have geometry, Layout files have those files attached.

(worksession or linked depending on layer visibility needs)