Layouts - Apply layout-specific attributes to multiple layouts

I have 3 sheets set up currently, and they are all ready to be exported.

In sheet (A) I decided to try out some different methods of layout-specific (ie. in-the-viewport) layer attributes, like different line widths, colours, shades of grey, etc. Prior to this I was choosing the Output Colour of the Print Setup command as ‘Black and White’ so that Rhino would do this for me. Now I’ve got these set up so that I can choose ‘Print Color’ to give the exact attributes that I want.

For consistency’s sake, I’d now like to take those attributes from the one layout and cross it over to the other two sheets (each sheet has 1 view). Is there a way to do that? Perhaps some sort of Match Attributes command to apply from viewport to viewport?

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hm, I don’t think so - @mary - do you have an idea?


Hi BeeCee,
Rhino has a layer state that you can save to name. You save many and restore them by name.
When you save the state you can choose which attributes of the layer you will save and then subsequently restore.

And restore, not only in the current layouts or details (viewports), but on another layouts or details (viewports) .
You can also export an LAY file and use the layer state in another 3DM

For more details on layer states see the Help here.

Let me know if this works for you.
Mary Ann Fugier


Mary -

Thank you! Worked exactly as expected, that’s an extremely handy tool.

Is there a way to now edit that Named Layer State ‘on-the-fly’ so that changes in one viewport would be applied across all? Or is it a matter of re-saving over the older one while keeping it applied to the relevant views?

To follow up:

It looks like it is a process of resaving over that Named Layer State in the manager and then reapplying that specific State to the other views. While this isn’t an issue for me as its only 3 (actually 4 now) sheets, I could see this being a hindrance for larger drawing/model lists. I know McNeel is busy working on V6, and this would definately be a wonderful addition if we could have these live update from changes. The name escapes me at the moment but I’m thinking of the view property types in Revit where you apply a specific global set of view properties by name to multiple sheets/details/etc. and they all update simultaneously if you change the type properties of the view.

Hi BeeCee - I guess it might be possible to hack a script for the short term… I’ll see if anything looks promising.

@BeeCee - see if this python does anything good - not sure if I correctly understood the request - (1.7 KB)