Layout wish: Clipping Plane perpendicular to view that is not in 3D

Hi, I am making some quick as-built drawings and want to use layouts + clipping planes.
And this leads me to the situation that I would love to have the clipping plane adjustable from the Layout.

So a wish emerges:
Could a Detail have a camera aligned clippingplane that is not visible in 3D?

Now I have to:

  • add a clippingplane in 3D
  • turn off the setting for that view
  • go to Layout
  • activate the detail
  • zoom out to find the clippingplane (as I don’t want it in the middle of the model)
  • activate the detail for the clippingplane
  • zoom back to the desired view extent
  • set the scale (That I still am frustrated about that doesn’t support 1:100 /1:50 settings, but instead I have to calculate the difference in meters and millimeters)

So A simple clipping position for a detail aligned clippingplane would be great.

Oh, and even if I turn off groundplane I still see shadows on the outside of the model even though there are no objects there:

Hi Jorgen - for now, with a detail active, assuming the view is plan to the CPlane:

Cplane Elevation Pause ClippingPlane Pause Pause SelLast HideInDetail CPlane Undo