Layout - Viewports

When one is in viewport can one move the view an exact distance ?

And can one set the exact dimensions of a viewport ?

Yes, the viewports in layout are objects just like anything else.
You can use the scale or move commands without any issue.

Thanks Jason

I am able to move and scale the objects on the page. But I would like to move the view once inside the crop. And inside you cannot select the box.

I need to create several detail views of an object along a line. But want all of the boxes to be aligned.

I want

Oops. Typo. Ignore ‘I want’

I am assuming that you can move the object itself. Create a view, open it and manipulate it to your first viewpoint. Close the view. Copy the view by clicking its box and move it to the next position on your page. The viewpoint of your second view will be exactly the same as the first view. Open the second view and move the object the required distance. Close the view. Repeat copying the view and moving the object as many times as you need.


Edit: Sorry, bad advice. Moving the object will move it in all views, so not what you are after. You will have to find a way to move your “camera viewpoint” in every consecutive view by a certain distance. Can’t help you there.

I think I might be misinterpreting your issue, but would creating an array of viewports solve anything?viewport array.pdf (9.4 KB)

Thanks Max & Mark

I have found a way of doing it which is just copy and paste the detail box. And then when inside the crop use the cursors to move up or down to ensure it stays aligned.

One example when this is useful if you want several details points of a building, or piece of furniture. See pic. Although still think it would be nice if one could move the crop by a certain distance…

In the meantime I found out about MoveTargetToObjects. All you need to do is to find or create the aligned objects you want to center your “Camera” on.

Yes also handy