Layout toolbar buttons are well and truly messed up

Viewport layout toolbar:
LMB+RMB tooltips but no commands.

Drafting toolbar - button to flyout Layout toolbar - same as above.

Layout toolbar:
"New Layout button: RMB tooltip - but no command

New layout - 4 details button: no command at all

See here also:


Hi JB,
Thanks. This is not limited to Mac, the images above are from Windows V8.3

I’m testing in 8.4 so it’s still there.

Oh well, I have to do a demo Friday including layouts… will workaround.

Got the layout macros missing
RH-79591 Toolbar: layout macros missing

There are two things here, I think - on Mac, on Sonoma (@Helvetosaur is that what you are running?) the contents, the commands scripts, of buttons do not show until yoiu click in the field.

The other was that two of the layout macro’s commands scripts were missing from the xml file.