Layout Technical view sometimes includes stray curves from unselected objects

Version 6 SR11
(6.11.18344.20091, 10/12/2018)

I have been struggling with this for a week or so. I cannot see any rational explanation. There are no bad objects.

The problem is that when I select Technical view, sometimes stray curves appear from objects which are not selected for the Detail. The stray curves are consistently the same, and sometimes they can be made to ‘go away’ by saving the file, closing Rhino, then reopening the file. That does not always work. Sometimes after that fix has worked, then subsequently making other changes to the model, the stray curves reappear. When they are displayed, the stray curves are also included in PDF output.

As you will see in the attached video, some of the stray curves relate to the ‘KN Unit 5 Pull Closed’ layer. The number of stray curves differs from time to time. Others relate to objects in the ‘East Deck’ layer. Interestingly, selecting the objects in the ‘SLA Stairs’ layer, then deleting those objects, removes the stray curves.

The stray curves cannot be selected. They appear to be ‘noise’ images.

The stray curves do not appear in Wireframe or other views.

I might be missing a point here, but if so, then I need your direction.

HouseRemodelFPartial3.3dm (7.5 MB)

Hi Garry - if you can export a subset of your file that shows the problem, and send to that would be best - otherwise, SaveSmall, Zip and post to, to my (Pascal) attention.


Hi Pascal. Is the file in my OP OK?

Sorry! - I missed that - that should be fine - thanks.


Hi Pascal. I hope you are well. I notice that this bug has not received attention, and that the fix is targeted for release 7.0. For me, the attraction of paying for the upgrade to R6 was the Layout features. The stray curves are still appearing at random, and from many other objects in the model. It degrades the value of the Layout feature, and is preventing me from publishing my drawings. Is there any way that this can be escalated for a fix in R6?

Hi Garry - yeah… I do not know what the background is on these when they get shifted around - my guess is it is a matter of triage according to available resources vs bugs to fix. Often there is an underlying situation that is more complex than the immediate bug and which requires more far reaching changes than can safely be made in the current version. But basically, I don’t know. I’ll see if I can find whether there is any hope…


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Hi Pascal.

Perhaps the title of this post should be “Layout Technical view sometimes includes stray lines from unselected objects”.

The word curves in the title might be misleading. Having watched this problem in my model for some time now, it seems that the stray lines are always sourced from surfaces or polysurfaces, not from curves. My use of the word curves was not intended to indicate the underlying objects, but was merely a reference to the stray lines in the Technical view.

I hope that this provides useful additional information and clarification. I cannot see how to change the post title.

By the way, I now have more instances of the problem, so I am hoping that a fix will be available soon.

Regards, Garry.

It seems the stray lines were because of some issues related to culling surface intersection curves.
The sample files I had that showed this, were in a last minute fix for SR14 and the V7 WIP.

Do you have a sample file that shows the problem still?

If so, I need it and instructions so I can reproduce the problem.

Hi John. Is the sample file and video in my OP above OK? If not, I will create a new stripped down file.

Regards, Garry.

This has already been fixed in the latest build… The issue was that technical intersection lines were not getting filtered on “per-view” visibility… as mentioned, I fixed this last week.


Hold off and try the build next week or the V7 WIP.
As Jeff mentioned, it is fixed.

Hi John. Will do. Thanks to all who have helped.

RH-50008 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Hi Brian. I have installed 6.14. The stray lines have gone. Thank you to all who have helped. I sometimes wonder whether you people sleep. There is always someone around when I least expect a prompt response.

Regards, Garry.

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