Layout Tab Issues

See attached file…
Temp.3dm (323.0 KB)

There are 4 layout tab objects (target surface, green surface, yellow hatch, and the blue hatch) as well as the detail view of the black rectangle.

  1. How can I change the draw order of the layout tab objects? When I use send to back, bring to front, etc, I can only select the hatches. Sometimes selecting the hatches doesn’t even change the order property when using send to back, yet bring to front works at other times. Why can’t I send to back, bring to front, etc with the surfaces?

  2. Why is the green and target surfaces transparent? Shouldn’t one be on top of the other?

  3. When I print or print preview the green surface only shows it’s border and not shaded?
    2023-12-15 16_37_52-Print Setup

Hi MIke -
Draw order only applies to hatches and annotation.
The surfaces are coincident.
Shaded surfaces will only print shaded in raster.



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Thanks so much!

I have a logo, a white hatch, and a black border. Created a block and placed it on the Layout2 tab. It looks good there. Inserted the block on the Layout tab and the logo is no longer visible even though I verified it’s part of the block. If I insert the block again on the Layout2 tab, it is displayed properly.

Temp2.3dm (337.3 KB)

Any ideas?

Hi Mike - not sure if I am seeing the bad thing here - both layouts are the same, here


Are those both how you expect things to look?


That’s so odd…here’s what I’m seeing…why would it be different on my machine?

2023-12-19 21_14_15-Temp2.3dm (337 KB) - Rhinoceros 7 Commercial
2023-12-19 21_13_58-Temp2.3dm (337 KB) - Rhinoceros 7 Commercial

Here’s my version info…
2023-12-19 21_16_59-

I just got version 8 and the problem is only in version 7 even after exporting / importing my options into 8. This seems like a bug in 7 and needs to be fixed since 7 is still supported.

Hi Mike - the display is correct in 7 if the layout is set to use Wireframe display mode.


Please see the following… In v7 wireframe display mode the logo shows up and in shaded display mode it does not. In v8 it shows up in both wireframe and shaded display modes.

Temp3.3dm (321.0 KB)

v7 Wireframe:

v7 Shaded:

v8 Wireframe:

v8 Shaded: