Layout space and the order of objects


I am trying to create a grid in a layout space which will be in the background behind object that are shown through the viewport (surfaces etc) but the blank space around the objects still in the viewport will have the grid.

I wonder how i might go about this since I have found that anything I draw in layout space is always in front of anything in a viewport regardless of draw order or layer order.



A detail on a layout is like a window in a wall. You can paint on the wall and you can paint over the window. But there is no way of having objects behind the window interact with your paint on the window. You’ll have to create the grid in the model space.

Hi @OptimumCOW

How did you solve this issue?

this is exactly what i am looking for.

I would much appreciate if you could share your solution.
Any sample code would be really helpful.

Thank you.