Layout Rendered Views - Partially rendering Materials/objects

Some Materails/Objects are partially rendered in Layout,
This issue is happening to all my files now, previously it was not there,
Especially objects behind glass are showing this error

Before pdf:

After pdf(Microsoft Print to pdf):

Hello - please send us a small example of this, to, with a link back to this topic in your comments.
Please also run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the results here.



Hi Ghanendra - are you using the Print command or the Export command? And are you setting the print dialog for ‘raster’ or ‘vector’ output? Here, I do not see the problems, with your file, that you show in the images, but I do see that the print looks better in raster than vector, and for some reason that I do not yet understand, it looks better from the Print command than from the Export command.


Hi Pascal, I’ve used print command (Microsoft Print to pdf) vector output, I tried using other options like Raster output & Rhino pdf (600dpi). Also tried printing from my other PC. It’s showing the same output,
I’m sending you another file with the same error, uploaded to Rhino - Upload to Support (to email: also

I copy-pasted the whole model in a new Rhino file, then imported all the layouts from source file and did ‘Microsoft print to pdf’ vector output. Now It’s printing correctly.