LAYOUT - Questions

Using actually many layout, I have some questions:

  • WISH Will be a way to organize layout by folder, to avoir managing a long list of layout? Could we image having Usertext linked to these folder, so a folder name could be retrieve as text in a layout depending of its folder? As folder name…

  • BUG In workspace, activating a sublayer in a non activate layer, is not allowed, but into layout space, it is allowed, but parent layer stay deactivate…and result is show into layout, we can work on it, but it does not stay active if we change of active page. So it is needed to do not allow it, as in workspace.

  • WISH…or maybe it already exist, to have a layout space not only rectangular, as trimming a layout , or using poly line as a layout frame?

  • WISH I am looking into options a way to change color of active frame, because actually it is just a bold line without different color, and it is not user friendly, on Retina screen, hard to see difference between regular and bold.

-WISH On print menu, we can print ALL and FROM >TO… could we add ACTIVE page?

Thank you for all your help.