Layout making macro Now 1 click!

Here is a macro that I made that makes layouts with one click. It does use Peters tools to change all of the viewport display modes to shaded all at once. Why are the Title in a block? Simply because it made life easier to change the title block’s contents.

Here is the macro

-_SetObjectName Joe Enter
-_Layout Enter 17 11 0
-_Detail A P P 3/8,10-5/8 6.75 -5-1/8
SelDetail -_SetObjectName “No Way” Enter
-_Detail A P F 3/8,5.5 13.5 3/8,3/8
-_Detail A P R 7-1/8,10-5/8 3.75 -5-1/8
-_Insert F “Your Title Block File path” B 0,0 1 0
SetDisplayMode Mode S
-_Detail E -_SelName “No Way” Enter
-_SelName Joe Enter Invert
-SetObjectName “Progress”
Hideindetail -SelName Progress Enter
-_Hideindetail _Detail -SelName Progress Enter
-Selall Zoom _All _Selected
-_DetailsTools H Enter
-_Detail A P P 10-7/8,10-5/8 3 -3
-_Detail E Sellast Zoom E
-_SetDisplayMode M G Enter
-_SelName Joe
-_SetObjectDisplayMode M E (This displaymode highlights the object I made my own so you may need to change that)
-_SelName Joe
-_SetObjectName “Plan Done” Enter
-_SelName Progress SetObjectName None

Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiley:

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I would recommend putting NoEcho Before the macro.

Please feel free to let me know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions. I am still working on improving this macro. Recently reworked it and broke it :confused: :cry: so it is still a work in progress.

Getting Better

  1. Peter’s Tools is not required this time.
  2. Now it does not change All the layouts to shaded. Just the current one.
  3. You need to import your title block before you begin.
  4. Now only 1 click!

-SetObjectName NewPlan
-Layout Detail 17 11 0
-Detail A P T 3/8,10-5/8,0 7-1/8,5-1/2,0
-Detail A P F 3/8,5-1/2,0 13-7/8,3/8,0
-Detail A P R 7-1/8,10-5/8,0 10-7/8,5-1/2,0
-Detail E SelCircular 3/8,10-5/8,0 9
-SelName NewPlan
-SetObjectName Hide
-HideInDetail _Detail -SelName Hide Enter
-Zoom A S
-SetDisplayMode M S
-Detail N
-Detail E SelCircular 7-1/8,10-5/8,0 8
-SetDisplayMode M S
-Detail N
-Detail E SelCircular 7-1/8,3/8,0 9
-SetDisplayMode M S
-Detail N
-Detail A P P 10-7/8,10-5/8,0 13-7/8,7-5/8,0
-Detail E SelCircular 10-7/8,10-5/8,0 5
-SetDisplayMode M S
-SetObjectDisplayMode -SelName NewPlan Enter M H
-SetObjectName -SelName NewPlan Enter Done
-SetObjectName -SelName Hide Enter BackToNormal
-Zoom S
-Detail N
-Insert “HWLayout” B 0,0 1 0

Development continues. :slightly_smiling_face:

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