Layout fails to print native PDF with picture

This is for V6 and WIP. Over here, if have a layout and I insert a picture into layout space, no layout space objects print when printing to native PDF. The contents of details however will still plot. If I switch to something like PDF 995 layout objects will still print (although this isn’t always a usable work around as with 5-10 details with shadows, the plot can take up to an hour).


Somewhat the same here: layout space objects (text and lines) do print - the image doesn’t print.

Now using Nitro PDF - The Rhino viewports go black on and off and it’s clear this is going to take a long time with the fans on the laptop going like crazy. A simple layout with 3 details in technical and one in rendered display mode. After a while, I get this and cancel the print:

And Rhino crashed.

This should be fixed in SR4 with