Layout & Drafting: What's the plan?

Hello Francesc! Good to see you join the thread!
The point is to be able to place the plan/section view directly(!) on the Layout, without a Detail.
As of now, vaPlanViews need to be placed into the 3d scene, and a Detail (viewport) created on a Layout to look onto it.
My point is, 2D drawings should not (necessarily) clutter the 3d scene / model space. Since they are 2d, they should go directly onto Layouts (sporting a ‘scale’ parameter) - Layouts are the dedicated 2d drawing environment in Rhino.

If there’s an extra ArchiCAD-like 2d-space needed for that like Mich said, fair enough. I’m not fully convinced though that this is really necessary. Keep it simple…

There’s another problem with placing 2d plans into the 3d scene: imagine you have created a plan view, then create a section view which by chance looks onto the plan view. You will actually see the plan view as 10000 overlapping lines in the section! Except you move the plan view somewhere off. This ‘clutters’ the 3d scene. (Also, it’s nicer to have the 2d plan sit right under the 3d model it was created from - if the plan view has to be in 3d at all).
Hope it is clear what I mean.

I am on Drawing duty again, gonna test this solution and give feedback when I am done.

I am not sure if it will work, but the description of what it does on Food 4 Rhino sound promising.

Sorry I was too quick with my answer yesterday!
Right, VA has 2 ways to create plan(section) views: one is the ’ oldschool’ vaPlanView and vaSectionView, which create (parametric’) 2d stuff in the model view - just like Make2D (except Make 2d isn’t even parametric).
The second way is what you said: create a Detail in Layout space, in this Detail turn on the required level or section, and use Hidden display mode. No ‘2d clutter’ in the model space is needed.
This is nice, but there are some missing things:

  • there’s no way to ‘explode’ the Detail, so one can continue working purel in the 2d Layout, to ‘brush up’ the drawing.
  • Layouts cannot be saved as DWG (yet), right? I know you said this feature is planned.
    These things more or less still cripple this workflow. DWG data exchange is still crucial. Also, it would be so cool to be able to work in Layout space just like you would in Illustrator. Not all 2d plan excerpts from a 3d scene are for technical plans. Often it’s for abstract/graphical illustrations.
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