Layout & Drafting: What's the plan?

is it? i would believe that there are far more architects and designers using this tool, but i am just guessing wildly. might be that there are more jewellery designers after all.

Hi user1598 -

Have you used any of the recent WIPs? I’d like to see your feedback about where we are with that.

Here is a list of drafting and illustration oriented features being actively worked on for the Rhino 8 WIP. Please give them a try and let us know what needs to change. We will start writing up posts on some of these features in the coming weeks as they get closer to becoming useful.


These are all very welcome features! However, my absolute favourite (because I literally need it many times each and every workday) is this problem with Model space layers ruining Layouts:

The ‘SafeLayout’ script helps, and it would be a nightmare without, but there are still quirks.
So, it would be really appreciated if you would tackle this, too, for R8!

Some more things to consider regarding this:
There are obviously 3 different types of LayerStates. For Model, Layout and Detail space. However, Layout and Detail LayerStates are ‘compatible’, but not Model space LayerStates.
First, this is not something that is pretty obvious.
Second, it would actually help if there was just one type of LayerState, that works in all ‘spaces’.
Only recently I discovered this filter function…
… which somewhat helps in not getting crazy with too many columns in the Layer panel. Maybe this is kind of the ‘default’ - just show the layer toggles that are ‘native’ to the space that is active (model, layout, detail).
It could be so much simpler!
We debated the topic in depth in the other thread. Do you have any plans to share regarding this?

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks @wim and @stevebaer for your replies. I’ve not downloaded the WIP although have been keeping an eye on the change logs to see if there are any significant features being worked on wrt this topic.

I’m still running Rhino 6 with the layer manager plug-in, section tools, etc. as R7 only made minor improvements in this area. No doubt the SubD capability & many other new features made for a significant upgrade, just not for me. R5 to R6 improved drafting features greatly, to the point of becoming a replacement for much ACAD LT or Draftsight work.

It seems the hope is for a fundamental change in how Rhino handles 2d layouts & drafting. Instead of using Rhino in a “90s AutoCAD” way (described previously itt), with all 2d/3d geometry jumbled together in model space, the idea is to explore other methods to pull dynamic 2d sections straight from a 3d model into the paper layout. Maybe behind each viewport would need to be its own 2d x-y space, with an instance of the selected geometry from the master model?

Hi user1598 -

I see that some users prefer to keep their 2D geometry in model space, but that is not the recommended workflow in Rhino.

That is in Rhino 8.


Thanks very much @wim, that would be fantastic :+1:

Great to see the additions for drafting being developed!
I see your drafting /illustration list is shorter than it can be: I discovered the new per object/ per layer clipping hatches, very nice addition :slight_smile:

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Is this WIP list the stuff that already made it into the WIP, or are these all the planned features for version 8?

This is all getting lumped under the “Sectioning” bullet item. We should have enough to start writing up a discourse feature announcement on the sectioning topic next week.


It’s a bit of a mix at the moment. Several of those bullet items do not have links because they aren’t ready for public consumption. Once a feature is good enough to start testing and feedback, we will write up a feature announcement here on discourse and turn the bullet item into a link to the announcement post.


No @wim, unless I’m mistaken this is required with a section tools and/or make2D workflow. It is far from desirable. It is news to me that this is not the recommended workflow, please elaborate.

Many of us are stuck in the AutoCAD way of doing things, but there are better ways.

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Hi Nick -

I won’t claim that the recommended workflow is perfect or even satisfactory for all. The obvious caveat is that you can’t get vector drawings out of it but the recommended workflow is to use details in a technical display mode and put annotations on the layouts.

The alternative (using Make2D), in my mind (and stated by me several times in the past), is not productive. If vector output is an absolute requirement and you don’t have a different application that provides this, I’d look for a solution using scripting or Grasshopper with plug-ins.


Is there a reason why layouts are so laggy? I just have three with a very simple drawing (only 2d) and on the mac it is soooo slow and unresponsive…

Yes, it is the OpenGL support for how we draw wires in Mac.

In my experience this is a tricky thing. It has happened to me often that I accidentally zoom in a detail and then you can start all over.
For example a good way to ruin is ZEA

That is what the lock feature is for with details. I would highly recommend locking a detail once you have it set up with the projection that you want.

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So we can expect it to be far better in Rhino 8, right?

PS: For some reason I cannot open a file already open in 7 with 8 wip. First it gives me missing image files and then missing fonts and finally it just doesn’t open.

I sure hope so; we’ve put an awful lot of developer effort into the switch to metal and we are going to continue doing so. The results that we have seen so far have been great in that we are getting orders of magnitude performance improvements.

Could you share the file? This is definitely something we want to make sure continues to work.


Sure, I will do that.

On my computer it happens to every file, so it doesn’t matter which one. But I’ll send you one.

Thanks Steve for your honesty. We love Rhino and all want to make it better .)

PS: How can I upload files which are more than 20MB?