Layout & Drafting: What's the plan?

I’m completely on board. This is why we are Rhino users. We are watching unfold, in real time, what happened when other software companies don’t listen to their customers. I believe in the ethos of development at McNeel and feel privlaeged to be a part of this conversation.

This sounds about right. However, I’ve come across a handful of threads, other than this one, that make me question what is under Asuni’s development scope and what is not. Take this clipping plane thread for example. According to the YT, enhanced clipping was requested as early as 2009, but now it exists to some extent for BIM users in VisualArc. This enhancement is essential for workflows across disciplines. Why is it locked inside the BIM package?

The same can be asked for the items @osuire has cited above concerning layouts and drafting. Not only BIM users need these.

The first thing I say to new students when covering Rhino is that it’s “the Swiss Army Knife of 3D software.” I don’t expect it to do everything. On many fronts Rhino already does, on others, is gets SO CLOSE to crushing the competition but doesn’t quite get there.