Layout display modes, named views, non clickable layout tabs and more

good afternoon sirs,

far be it from me to spoil anyone’s mood, but I still think it is ok to share my recent experiences with rhino. allow me to point out to the honourable gentlemen of mcneel that working with layouts and the shading modes is more of a pain than a pleasure.

i understand that all of rhino’s bugs should be broken down in a comprehensible way, but i don’t have the time to describe all of them like this.

be assured that there is currently a stunning accumulation of extremely annoying phenomena in the current version.

that you constantly have to reconfigure the printstyle has been known for years, also that named views disappear, possibly also that you constantly have to assign new object settings to objects in rendered views (ghosted).

not to forget, that layout tabs get unclickable from time to time!

i hope you find the time and patience to tackle this long list,
an annoyed longtime rhino lover

I think most of these things have been reported from time to time, however, in order to fix this stuff, they need to have an example file where they can consistently repeat the problem. If they have that, they can trace the bug and hopefully fix it. If you have such files and can post examples here, that would be great, if they are confidential you can upload them directly to or via the main site’s upload page.

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Hey Helvetsoaur,

thank you for the suggestion, i think that’s a good idea.

to be honest, i have no idea about such things, whether and how one can clean up certain bugs. sometimes, unfortunately, annoyance arises when, for example, tab in the text editor does not work or named views disappear for the 37th time.

if you work a lot with rhino, it should be possible to track down bugs that are years old. :wink:


Yeah, I completely understand. Most of this stuff I have never personally encountered, but I have to admit that I don’t work much with layouts or named views etc. Any bug that I do encounter that is repeatable I do report to McNeel. Unfortunately, only a repeatable bug gives them a chance to find where it happens and fix it.