Layout dimension "tightenfactor0" error

Here’s the problem… when creating dimensions in a layout, and ‘faking’ the dimension value “tightenfactor0” is inserted. See screenshot.
I have just done a full reinstall, and it’s still happening.
Has anyone seen this issue?

Hi Rob -

I’m not seeing that here. Can you post a simple file that behaves like that on your system?

I’m not able to replicate it in a clean file. It seems that it comes from the geometry in the file. I’ll repost an update when the problem comes up again.

I am having the same problem. I used to be able to fix stuff like that by closing rhino and opening it again, but now it stays even after the shutdown.

Hi Gabrielle -


I am reviving this again. I wasn’t able to replicate it before. But I think I have finally figured out what causes the bug. I have uploaded a file with the bug. It is demonstrated in the Layout page. It has something to do with selecting dimensions all with overridden text inputs and trying to format them [Bold, italic etc].

tightenfactor0_BUG.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hi Gabrielle -
Thanks for the file and additional details. I was able to reproduce that here and put the issue on the list of a developer for a closer look - RH-68249.

Great! Thank you. Do you think it will be ironed out in the next update?

Hi Gabrielle -

I really don’t know. This thread will be notified when the bug is fixed.

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Hi, I still have this problem sometimes. Has there been a fix? or a work around discovered? I need to override the “<>” in my drawings sometimes.