Layout Detail placement moves when printed as pdf

using the Layouts with multiple Details, the following happens:
some details (rather complex 2 drawings w/ lines, hatches and surfaces, blocks within blocks, but no bad objects) shift position substantially after printed as pdf (Rhino PDF 300dpi, vector)
I tried locking the details, substituted the details etc.
it still happens a lot.
the layout page is A0.

Has somebody similiar experiences with layouting?


Hi Anika,
Does that mean that it doesn’t always happen?
Please post a file and workflow if you have an issue that you can repeat.

Hi wim. Basically it was too many details.

I tried the following, since i wanted to layout. 3x5m Layout as Artboard. with ca 10 A0 frames. with around 5 details each…
when I removed half of it, everything stayed in place.
When I moved some of these to a seperate layout, but left the big Artboard detail layers on, it still happend.
So basically I think rhino couldnt handle the amount of details.
Sorry, I wasnt following up on this one…

That sounds like something that we should look into. If you are able to share a file, that would be great!

it was 200mb plus and drawings for an architectural project, i cannot give out. plus by now i overwrote that file and do the layouting in model space.
but for reproducing the issue:
many details on a canvas 3000x5000mm, with mostly 2d drawings that have many nested blocks… floor plans etc.
when i bump into it once more i ll send a file.