Layout Detail numeric pan

Let’s say I have a detail (in TOP view) of my model with dims and comments drawn over it in the layout. I then, in model space, copy the model over 100mm to the right and edit it. Is there a way in the layout to pan the detail 100mm to the right, so the dims and comments align?

Hi Lawrence - the only thing that comes to mind is a hack, let me try…
OK -

  1. Select the dims etc.
  2. TestChangeSpace
  3. Move the stuff including the dims, in model space.
  4. Move the detail view to look at the new location.
  5. Select the dims and testChangeSpace again.



I move the detail itself, using OSnaps to snap geometry in it to the dim end point as needed, then turn on points for the detail and resize it to fit the new model position.


I was hoping there would be functionality like InDesign where the content could be transformed.

Though it is less than ideal, I figured out a way to do it.

  1. Double click into the detail
  2. type viewportproperties
  3. enter in the new coordinates for the camera