Layout detail, activating, shaded and printing

Some questions…

  1. How to activate detail in layout? If I double click in detail area it only activates the whole layout. Why?
    I tried to choose edge and double click and… Only way I got it work was to change the size of the detail by dragging the corner point. After that double click inside the detail worked normally, but only once. If I make change in detail properties, then it activates normally by double clicking. UPDATE I found upper left corner options where it is possible to change settings… But I think it should work just by double clicking the area…

Hi Wagner -
I’m having problems following what you are writing here. You can activate a detail by double-clicking inside the area of the detail.

If you have a case where you are not able to do that, please post a 3dm file that shows that behavior and clear steps on how to reproduce that.

Hi Wim!
I took a video. It is 60Mt so I can’t post it here.
Any cloud or emails I can send it?


OK, I found place to upload…