Layout - Crop / Selection

Does anyone have any ideas how to crop exactly to the dotted line shown ? Would find it much easier if one could control the crop when inside, as in when you have double clicked on it.

Also when you have several details laid over one another it can be difficult to select. Sending the object to the back doesn’t help. Even if a detail box is locked one can still select it, I guess so you can change layer visibility. Maybe I’m missing something.

In the detail properties, set the scale as you require it and lock the detail. Then deactivate the detail, set the points of the detail border to On and drag the corner points until they snap to your dash-dotted rectangle.
As for selecting (I guess you mean “make active”) overlapping details: I always hide the ones that are in the way.


Brilliant. Thanks Max. I have just noticed that my keyboard shortcut for ‘EditPtOn’ does not work on details in Layout. It works fine on objects but not on detail views. Are you seeing this ? Maybe its a bug. I have to right click in order to use ‘EditPtOn’ with detail views.

Hiding objects does the job with selection but seems strange that one cannot just ‘SentToBack’.

Use PointsOn instead.
AFAIK SentToBack only influences redrawing of the layouts. I find it useful to control which layout is shown on top in case of overlaps.