Layout changes in the RhinoWIP

@dale and @JohnM have been working to unify and improve how layouts are managed on both Windows and Mac. The latest RhinoWIP for Mac contains a significant change to the way Layouts work.

Previously, in Rhino for Mac, layouts were a “special” type of modeling window - floating separately or docked in a tab - with a different set of surrounding user-interface controls and default behaviors:

The previous system had some cool features (thumbnail previews!), but there were shortcomings.

Now, the primary change is that layout management happens in the Layouts Panel and editing happens in the main window:

The new system adopts aspects of the Rhino for Windows layout system, with the intention to keep some of the best features of the previous Mac way of doing things.

As with any Work-In-Progress, we still have more work to do. Some issues have already been logged:

  • RH-55391 Layout: Thumbnail Previews in the Layout manager
  • RH-55392 Layout: Layout Manager sorting should support Undo/Redo
  • RH-55393 Layout: Drafting tool palette in left-hand sidebar when in Layout mode

Please test out the new system and let us know where the wheels fall off.