Layout - Assign UserText Attribute to Layout

RH-54346 is fixed in the latest WIP

Ok so hmmm. I do not see RhinoPageviews as a user text option. What am I missing? @stevebaer

Hi -

What are you trying to do?
The RhinoPageView is for developers…’
In Rhino 7, you can attach user text to both details and layouts.

I’d like to create a user-text that is associated to a specific viewport on a specific page/layout

I’d like to place this user-text next to a “detail/call out” so the viewer knows what page to go to in the set.
To do this manually can be painstaking.

I would assume that the viewports/details on each page added needs some kind of number associated to them lets say #1-4 and they are on a certain page. I need to be able to choose what detail (so I know what number detail it is, and I need the page)

which reminds me, I keep getting this weird thing that happens (has only happened in 7) my tabs/layout page NAMES do not Stayput. For somereason they reset??

this is a big problem now that I have user text associated to the layout name/page name

Hi -
I can’t tell what you already know and don’t know. Especially that last sentence in your post confuses me.

A “viewport on a layout” is called a detail.
Select the detail, and, in the Properties panel, go to the Attribute User Text tab. Create a key-value pair.

Start the Text command and select the fx button. In the Text Field dialog, select AttributeUserText in the column on the left. Click the Select Object button and select the detail. Finally, select the key-value pair that you want displayed. Place the text.

You can do the same for the page name.

Please start a new thread for this issues and provide sufficient steps to be able to reproduce this behavior.

Sorry @wim ! I seem to confuse people, not my intention! <<>> :sweat_smile:

Yes, I can get the user-txt assigned to an object. The problem is the page# it’s referencing on another page.

I really wanted to differentiate between a VIEW(detail) and a CALLOUT (notation of text on a page, pointing to something).

Here we have a SECTION CALLOUT - so you go to page 005 and you look for detail #1 and there’s your section.

If I have to move this section to another page, I have to then REMEMBER to go to the page that’s calling it out and update that to the new page number. What I would prefer to do, is to link that nomenclature to a particular DETAIL on a specific page and it will populate the text on the page that’s calling it out.

I haven’t been able to do this because %<PageNumber()>% will only display the page it’s ON and not the page it’s referencing…

Maybe I’m just not too familar with text fields yet… I’m starting to really get a hang but I’m starting to notice limitations already…