Layout and Layout Numbers

Am I trying to create a working titleblock that we can using professional.

Is there a way you can change the layout number. Instead of using 1, 2, 3 etc I would like to be able to use 301, 302, 304, or various different numbers.

Hi Tilly, there are 2 ways you could achieve this:

  1. By prefixing your page number text field (in your example case “30”): %<DocumentText(“Prefix”)>%%<PageNumber()>%
  2. By adding an offset to your page number text field (in your example case 300):
    %<int(DocumentText(“Offset”) + PageNumber()>%

Notice in both cases the use of a document user text that you also have to define (you might have to activate that panel to see it if you don’t already have it turned on). By using text fields and combining them you can do much more complicated things, to hesitate to check out the documentation.

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Hi Xavier

Thank you for your help.Would the Prefix (30) or Offset (300) then be stated in the Document Text?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be reading the () correctly

The output is ####)+PageNumber()>%

Yes that’s it, in your document user text add a field with as a key Offset (if that’s what’s you used) and value 300. Be careful that this DocumentText field is case sensitive and is a string, so you have to cast it as an int like in my example if you want to use it in mathematical operations

If you post the complete text field you used I may be able to help you further

I just noticed that there is a missing ) after the DocumentText to close off the int casting

We’ve definitely got somewhere with the added ). Unfortunately its still not working. The output is ####; so it is reading the formula as a whole. If I use a hardcoded 80 instead of retrieving data from the document text it works. So i believe theres some error is converting the Document text “Prefix” to an integer.

Hi Tilly -

The error is probably that curly quote marks are being used.
This works here:

%<int(DocumentText("Offset")) + (PageNumber())>%



Hi Wim, I didnt have the PageNumber() in additional brackets. This made it work.
Thank you

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