Layout and detail layers panel - cannot find it!?

I can´t find the layout and detail layers panel in the latest R7 WIP. What happened?

Hi - I take it that you mean compared to Rhino 6 and not a previous version of the Rhino 7 WIP?
It seems like it’s gone and I have filed RH-57134.

HI @wim,
yes! Compared to Rhino 6, thanks :slight_smile:

Just ran into this as well. Which is kinda sad, as the main reason I’m running R7 WIP is for the additional text properties for layouts, but if one can’t turn off layers per detail it sorta breaks the point.

Any chance we’ll see this fixed in the near future or do I have to roll back to all my previous templates for V6.

Hi - we try very hard to be as open as we can about the development of features and fixing of bugs. That’s why we try to have our bug tracker open to the public. Did you check the bug report for this item?


I read the bug report. However it just shows as unassigned, which was why I was asking if you had an ETA for when that will get hit. I get that you have various priorities and whatnot, it wasn’t a gripe, more of a rough eta would help me figure out what to do and which approach makes sense until then.

Hi @LewnWorx,

The issue is fixed, and you’ll see the fix in this week’s WIP release.

– Dale



Awesomesauce. Saves me having to roll back all my current work to V6 just to be able to print PDF’s of layouts.