-LayerStateManager "List" button not working

Just found something minor but slightly annoying when running “-LayerStateManager”, the options dialog displays as expected, but when the List button is clicked nothing happens…

It’s possible to get something to appear by selecting “Yes” from the Visible drop down, and if you run LayerStateManager without the hyphen it also works just fine. But it’s not clear whether this is even what you’d expect to see with “List”… maybe it’s intended to be more like the layer list you get with ChangeLayer?

Also, how difficult would it be to include Layer States as a panel? Would be great to be able to toggle between them in the same way as Named CPlanes or Named Views.


Hello - List prints a list of the existing layer states - on Windows where you can have a few lines of command history this might be useful so you know what name to type, on Mac, you need F2 to see the output. It is of … limited… use, I would say, but that is what it does.

I believe making this a panel as in Windows is the plan, yes.