Layers will not remain off

I have a complex model that an architect provided to me of a stone portal and the stone pieces have extreme relief work on them. The only way I can move around the model is to turn off all the relief work. But after I turn all the relief layers off, save the drawing and close it, they are back on once I open the model again. I have tried Save As, Incremental Save and Save Small, but nothing makes a difference. When I open the model again, some (not all) of the layers are back on. I created a layer state with them off and if I restore that state, they do turn off and I can move around the model. But next time I open it, they are back on. It is causing a problem because it is taking 20 minutes to open the model because all the relief work is on.
So I have 2 questions:

  1. Does this sound normal? Or am I missing some way to make it work?
  2. the individual pieces of stone are inserted into this model as blocks. Would I have better luck if I exploded the blocks and then turned off the layers?

Hi Stephen - if the blocks are linked to external files, the layer states in these files will dictate what happens when your parent file is opened and the linked files are read in.


Thank you. That solved it.