Layers toolbar not working after vray 3.0 install EDIT windows 10 update is the issue not vray


Maybe its coincidental, but my layers toolbar stopped working around the time I installed vray 3.0. More specifically, layers toolbar is displaying Properties or is empty when I move it out of the sidebar.

I’ve tried toolbar reset and reopening the toolbar from ‘Show Toolbar’ dropdown.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Perhaps you also upgraded Windows 10 at that time?


yep I also updated windows 10…dang


set display setting to 100% -> start rhino -> set display setting to higher scale (in my case, I prefer 150%) seems to work best for now

(Dale Fugier) #5

@Danny_Le, is this still a problem? It shouldn’t be with the current WIP…