Layers pallet in 6/13 WIP not showing

I installed and launched the 6/13 WIP. At startup the layer pallet was visible. I closed it and now I can’t get it to appear again. This is also true with the Properties pallet.


This is/was a problem with Rhino V5 SR13 and earlier, when running high resolution under Windows 10 Creator’s Edition (1703).

SR14 fixes it.

Are you sure you meant to post this to Serengeti?

This problem was in the Rhino 6 WIP. I thought Serengeti was the proper forum.

IT works fine in V5 SR14

As far as I know, the problem you described only happens in V5 pre-SR14 and never in V6.
You seem to be reporting exactly the opposite.

What can I say? I’m working in Rhino 6 with the 6/13 release and I can’t get either my layer or properties pallets to display. Any chance they’re off-screen somewhere?

OK, that’s a little different.
Are you saying when you turn them on (right-click on the tabs in the docked panel container), they are nowhere to be found on the screen, or the containers are there but the contents is missing?

I can’t get the panel shown in the attachment to appear at all.

OK, if you can’t see the details in your attached image, how come I can?
I think we aren’t communicating very well here.

In V6, if you type LayersTab, do you see this?

No, I don’t see it if I type LayersTab. What I sent you was a screen shot from V5 illustrating the panel I can’t see in V6.

I’m also unable to get any panels to show in the latest WIP. Properties, layers, named views,… I reverted to the previous WIP. It’s not that the panels aren’t being populated. They don’t show at all.

How do I roll it back?

I have no idea what to suggest.
As far as I can tell, you are the only one that has reported any problems like this.
The screenshot I sent was from V6.
I’m out of ideas.

What version of Windows are you running?
What display adapter are you using?
What display adapter does Rhino see in OpenGL?

Uninstall the WIP from the control panel and look up the previous WIP. If you have rhino automatically download updates, the last 2 (at least) are kept on your HDD. I’m not in front of a PC now so I can’t give you the directory…

You don’t have any either @wim?

wim chimed in with the same problem so it’s not just me. I running Window 10 Creator’s update.

I’m on win 7 on that system. When I exited Rhino yesterday, the new version was available for installation but I was in a hurry and said no. When I then turned off the PC there were a bunch of OS updates and I allowed these to proceed. At home, on turning on the PC, these OS updates were finalized. I then updated Rhino and didn’t get the panels to open.

Same for me.

I’m starting up a Surface Pro 4 with 1703 on it now.