Layers organizations to default

I wonder if some one know about how to make a layers structure to turn it on default template and use it for ever?

Hello - see Help on SaveAsTemplate. You can set your default template file in Options > Files page.


HI Pascal.
I have to explain better. What i really need is to make a layer structure well organized and use it as default template. After that the purge command line won’t delete any of those layer structure.
Is that possible?
One day, some one told me that i have to create a layout with that layer structure and save it as a normal rhino file. Then copy paste that same file to template location… He give me that structure file but today i dont know what happen when press purge some layers will be deleted. I dont remember how to lock that purge

I suppose you could trick Rhino into not deleting them by doing something like: put a point at the origin of each layer. Make one more dummy layer and make that layer current. Select all the points and create a block. Make a different layer current, hide the dummy layer and then save the file as a template.
Now there is an object (invisible point now in the block) on each of the layers so they will not be purged, and the dummy block is on the dummy layer and that will not be purged… =)


Forget about it. I think i found the solution as soon as you say Trick the Rhino.
I think the file structure have the texts and colors as “layers” thats why it wont purge.

Of course.