Layers hide in timeline, but not video

I am trying to animate a scene with moving items with it starting out hidden and then showing up later but it either is always showing or always hidden. Ive gone into the menu to mess with the settings of showing/not showing and it doesnt do anything different. It shows it works when i go frame by frame but not when i play the whole video.

Indeed this is a flaw. In preview (when you click ‘Play’) only those objects which are visible at the start show up. All other stay hidden. Indeed stepping through the animation (keyframe by keyframe) helps somewhat out. When you finally render the animation everything will be fine though.

The imperfection will be fixed in Bongo 3.0. Meanwhile a workaround is to shift all keyframes one tick right and add a keyframe at the tick 0 in which every layer is made visible. Now when the preview is started from 0 tick 1 (the previous 0) makes the appropriate ones invisible but they will show further on.
If you want to render the animation you must simply set the ‘Start tick’ to 1.

Here is a demo:LayerVisibility.3dm (63.6 KB)