Layers giving trouble

Hi , opened file from previous work. Was in neon. Went to rendered. Started turning layers on and off. Rhino not responding in turning off a layer. I let it sit 30 seconds , it works itself out. But each time I try same thing.
Only reporting, understand its a WIP

Hi Mark - by this do you mean the view was set to raytraced mode?


That is what I had it on when I closed out, before reopening

OK… Just fyi, Raytraced in V6 is no longer Neon it’s a different system but similar in some ways. At any rate, I guess by turning on layers, more objects are revealed and Cycles (the raytracer) kicks off a new rendering every time, sucking up processor and bogging things down… Did Neon handle this better in your experience? I guess so since you noticed…


Tes it was raytracer, I like raytracer because I can get a picture almost anytime through its cycle . The grain mimics metalflake.
About the problem. It is more in turning layers off and on . On is as usual. Off took 30 seconds with not responding at top.