Layers and template

Hi there,

Is there a way of displaying normal visualarq material when assigning layers on the annotation setion under the tools menu? I’v set the visualarq elements to be under rhino layers, but i wanted to preserve the visualarq materials, insted of been all blue or whatever… is it possible?

Also, is there any chance of someone having a good preconfigurated visualarq “template”?


Hi Leonardo,

What do you mean? “VisualARQ materials” are just Rhino materials or those from the render engine you use.

Where do you mean? The VisualARQ layers configuration at the Document Properties perhaps (in Tools > Options dialog)? If this is not the case, can you provide a screenshot?
If it is, in that dialog, you can define in which layer a VisualARQ object will be created according to its type. The material assignment depends if the object has the material assigned by layer, by parent or by style. In VisualARQ templates, all styles have the material assigned By Parent, and since the objects have also the material assigned By Parent by default, they finally take the material of their layer. You can change that and save it as a custom template if you want.

Setting up templates might be something personal and very different from one user to another. VisualARQ templates are meant to be appealing to everyone, as a good start. But of course, you can modify them as you wish and save it as a new template.

yeah, the part of template i was assuming this could be the answer, but is more to change things from the template instead of building one from zero…

The screenshots show what is happening, i would like to know how to have the elements going into those layers but also mantain their visualarq material and styles, the picture is in the rhino render mode.

Hi Leonardo,
That dialog corresponds to the default object layer by object type when you insert new VisualARQ objects in the model.
Then you can go to each object styles dialog, and under the Attributes tab, define in which layer each object style or their components are created. You can also have a library of materials assigned to layers or to object styles in your custom templates, and have that configuration ready everytime you start a new document.