Layers and lights on v-ray 5


does v-ray have that ability to change the properties of the lights without having to render again? with both natural and artificial lights?

and layers, can you render in layers?


Yes in v5 you can change lights after the rendering has been made. Add a light mix render element to make this happen. You can also change the light colors after the fact.

By adding a material multi matte render element, you can render out masks and those can be used in the adjustment layers (for ex. Exposure, hue saturation, curves, color temp) , its very powerful.

do you have tutorial on rendering layers and adjusting lights after rendering?

what is the: V-Ray Light Gen of v-ray 5?

is there a way to configure “render v-ray” to render faster to use external softs to perform part of the image processing?

example :
render a small image and then use the Topaz Gigapixel AI to enlarge it to the image size you want?

turn off the denoise of the v-ray to remove the noise afterwards with Topaz DeNoise AI?

these processes speed up the rendering, right?

is there any more trick to make the high quality render faster?

is it possible to render only the part of the file that we edited?

example :
render only the sphere to the left of the image because only it has been edited, for the right part of the image that was previously rendered and was not edited the previous render is used.



Region render, although edits to one part can affect lighting in the other.
Now stop asking questions and go render something :grinning:

do you think it is possible to automatically remove fireflies from an image rendered by v-ray with the program: JPEG to RAW AI?

or with the program: Topaz DeNoise AI?