Layer visibility changes don't take effect mid-command

On windows I’m fairly sure one can turn layers on and off while in the middle of a command. On Mac Rhino Version 7 BETA (7.0.20309.06004, 2020-11-04) this is not working — I am able to click the visibility toggle on a layer, but the change doesn’t take effect until after I have finished the command I’m in the middle of.

To reproduce, create a new doc in rhino mac, create a box on layer 1, and while creating a box on layer 2, try turning layer 1 on/off.

I’m seeing this here too- can you outline a use scenario where this is necessary?

I do this all the time - either turning off to help visibility when picking objects or to turn on a layer with geometry that I need for a command that I forgot was off when starting the command.

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got it-