Layer User text in Rhino UI

Hi McNeel,
I am currently working on Rhino 7.I want to assign Description to Layer. My concern is as we have object assigned attribute text ,Document assigned User text can we have User text assigned to Layers?
Awaited reply


Hi Ranjit -

You can also assign user text to layouts.

Can you give an example of user text that would need to be attached to a layer?

Hi Wim,
thanks for reply, currently i am working with user attribute text assigned to objects also I have some layer information as its primary type. During revisions/Updates if i change Object layer object attributes remain same .

Image 1: attribute for object on layer 1

![Image 2|690x430]

Imag2: Attribute for object in layer 2

Image 3: Layer Changed but attribute text not changed.

what I want is usertext information if we store in layer also it will be easy to apply on objects in that layer.

Hi Ranjit - we have an existing feature request for “Layer UserText” and I have added your vote to this item: RH-60908: UserText: Expose Layer UserText in UI