Layer table hiccups

The layer table columns jump to the left when a layer is clicked for editing. I’ve never seen this reported and thought it was something happening here, but it also happens on my new laptop, before I’ve customised the UI.

A shows how I arrange the layer table, docked left, which suits my workflow.

B Shows how the table shifted left when a layername is clicked for editing.

C is a work-around I use in V5 for the same problem - if the linetype column is visible, just by a touch, the table becomes stable.

Also, the sort arrow in the layer name header is a bit lost with its linework the same color as the background, it appears as a slash which is confusing as to which way the table is currently ordered.


Hi Brian - I can repeat that - it looks like there has to be at least one column to the left of the names and the name column extends past the right hand edge of the visible panel . Does that correspond to what you see?

(you might be the only person on the planet with that layer panel configuration … )


Unique or odd ball…, the latter for sure.

The distance jumped seems a little bit random, sometimes jumping a half column and sometimes jumping to a different column than the previous test. It varies depending on the width of the layer table at the time and the column configuration. Happens when docked left too.