Layer Style = Active

I have created a model with a complex hierarchical layer scheme, then inserted it into a new completely empty model using the Layer style “active”. It made a complete hash of the source layer scheme, even to the point of putting objects on DIFFERENT layers than the source model. I need to use “active” to permit adjustments to layer print colors in details (a layer style of “reference” does not allow this). This looks like an enormous bug that will prevent me from using Rhino for deliverable documents. Why doesn’t this work???

Hello - I guess we need an example file to insert - can you post an example, or send to, with a link back to this thread?


I determined worksessions are not suitable for use in details. Moved on to linked and embedded blocks. Unfortunately, the linked (unembedded) with layer style “active” makes a total mess of the layers, even when inserted into a new blank
model. It incredibly frustrating working with such a buggy product.