Layer States with Model Space, Layout Space, and Viewports

All resources I can find explain the straightforward way Layer States work in model space. I am looking for resources to explain how they work in Viewports and Paperspace as well, and how applying them in each affects the other spaces.

For example:

Do global settings in a Layer State have any effect when a state is applied inside a Viewport? Are Global Layer States disregarded when saved from inside a Viewport?

If a state saved from within a viewport is applied in model space or paper space, how does that affect a project’s other Viewport states?

There are many permutations of the interrelationships between these spaces.

Experimentation to test this gets convoluted, and if the performance of the programme varies from that intended (if there is even a slight bug) it becomes impossible to discern the intention, so I am hoping to find an explanation of how it is intended to work.