Layer state info

I need to export layer info to a file to be used in another tool(Unity) along with the Model.
When Export it, I see 12 parameters seperated by semi colon. Where can I find what each of these parameters are?
Layer7=Instrumentation::Pressure Transmitters::.5_PT::Transmitter Base;0;1;0;-1;0;0.00;1;0;1;0;0;0.00

Can some one please tell me what these 12 parameters are in that order.


By enabling/disabling fields one by one this is how I identified the parameters. But some parameters duplicates. I’m not sure why. Is this correct?

Color, On/Off, Locked, LineType ,BorderColor, PrintWidth ,On/Off, Locked,On/Off, Color, BorderColor,PrintWidth

If you are looking at the *.LAY file, created when you export layer states, then the fields in the comma-delimited file represent the following layer information:

0.) Name
1.) Color
2.) On/Off
3.) Locked/Unlocked
4.) Linetype
5.) Plot Color
6.) Plot Weight
7.) Sub-layer On/Off
8.) Sub-layer Locked/Unlocked
9.) Layout/Detail On/Off
10.) Layout/Detail Color
11.) Layout/Detail Plot Color
12.) Layout/Detail Plot Width

Does this help?

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Thanks. That’s what I was looking for :smile: