Layer State in v7: how do you know what is "active"

I just installed v7 and loving the layouts tab.

However, new behavior I notice in 7 that is not in 6:

When I double click a layer state to make it active then toggle through my list of layouts, the active layer state name does not stay highlighted. So it is easy to loose track of which State is Active.

Is this a bug?

Hello - it sounds like a bug/oversight, I’ll have a look… I see this, thanks.


Hey @CCBB,

There really is no “active” layer state. By double-clicking on a state, the previously saved layer properties are just applied to the layers in the document.

Not sure this helps.

– Dale

Hi Dale - in V6 the display in the layer state panel holds onto the highlight after a double-click as you make various layouts active - in V7 that is lost, is what I am seeing - it is not so much the ‘active’ part as just the highlight of the name in the list, which would be the last activated layer state in this context.

RH-63225 ETO - panels should retain item highlight


Exactly Pascal, so the user doesn’t know what was last clicked after even a couple minutes of work.
Pretty key for good workflow. I have other recs too that I can mention here:

-Layout states would be nice to have them be able to be re-ordered much like layers or the layouts in layout tab.
-If in the layouts tab, the layout was able to be brought up on the screen with a simple one click and the user could arrow through the list and each layout changed to the next that would be very useful.