Layer Shading mode

I wonder if I’m the only one who would like having the option to set a layer shading mode.
I usually work in a customized shade mode, and tend to organize things a lot in layers.
I put some temporary surfaces or references in a layer and then I assign to this surfaces a custom shade mode, for example Ghosted. I put all dimension in a separate layer and usually assign to all the elements in this layer x-ray mode.
I wish there was a way that all the elements created inside a layer have the same custom shade mode.

I would also find that useful and mentioned it several times a while ago - basically an equivalent of SetObjectDisplayMode, but SetLayerDisplayMode.

I found an existing feature request for this and added the additional request to it.

The best workaround might be to make an alias to select all objects on a layer and then set a display mode for the selection.
e.g. “! -SelLayer P Pause SetObjectDisplayMode M X” where X is the chosen mode.

Thanks a lot Brian!