Layer Reflectivity

Is it possible to change the amount of reflectivity of the layers in Shaded mode? I’d like to have some layers with the default amount of reflection but others with more or less as required. I did a search on the forum but couldn’t find anything. Thanks.

Hello - layers do not have reflectivity themselves - are you asking about the render materials assigned to layers? Display modes other than ones using render materials do not depend on the layers for any of the display reflectivity that I can think of…


Hi Pascal,
In shaded mode, there is some sheen to the surfaces. I’d like to be able to keep that for some layers but really tone it down for others. Currently, I’m doing some very basic shape exploration work and don’t need renders, or even have the time for that. I’m often sharing my screen on Teams or some other online meeting space showing my Rhino viewports and often working with people with limited visualization skills. Being able to tone down the sheen on some layers will help keep me from having to answer the same “But it’s not supposed to be shiny” concerns over and over. I realize it’s a silly thing, but clients.

Hello - you cannot do this per layer I’m afraid - a workaround might be to use materials (with different levels of reflectivity) at the layer level and use the object materials as the source in the Shaded mode or a version of it.


Thanks so much for the fast reply. I’ll give that a try.