Layer question

If I copy a curve, the copy is created on the same layer as the original. If I offset a curve, the offset is created on the current layer. Is there a way to change this behavior so that the offset is created on the same layer as the original?


Hi Dennis - no… in general new geometry is created on the current layer… I can see that copies might or might not fall into that category but in any case there is no way within Offset to force the output to be on the input’s layer. If you want a script to do this, shout…


Thanks Pascal. Seems an odd choice since nothing else I use works that way, but different strokes…

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I’m inclined to agree with Dennis here, for me anyway 90% of the time I want the offset to be on the same layer as the original object. I understand that is not how Rhino works in general. A few commands like Rebuild, Pull and Project do give you the option though.

Yep, Section/Contour as well, which is another situation which could easily go either way depending…


My strong preference is the ability to choose whether the new geometry, including offsets, etc, go on the current layer or the same layer as the input data. If that’s not possible than I prefer the new geometry go to the current layer. I can always set the input layer as the current layer, but if the new geometry goes on the input layer it can be difficult to separate the new from the old.