Layer problem

Hallo, I have several layer on my drow. When i “turn off” one layer (or delete the object of this layer) automatically diseappear a lot of object that are on another layer. What’s wrong?

Hello- most likely the objects are block instances that have objects on multiple layers in the block definitions.


unfortunately no… there are no blocks on the file…

Then we will need an example file and the steps to follow to repeat the problem to figure it out.


mhm… I don’t understand… can I upload the my file? however I’ve seen that the object exist and I can select it… but I can’t see it…

Hi Matteo - does the command SelBlockInstance find nothing?


there is one block but it’s not related to the object that I need… and I can’t delete it

Hi Matteo - if we can get the file, we can probably help - upload here via this button:

or send to, with a link back here to this topic in your comments.